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The kids rule in Camberley!

IMG 1037

Woohoo! How cool were the kids! Helped by Caalie (fab effort buddy) the kids got together in Camberley before the lights switch on the high street!  

They sang (for the statisticians amongst you) 16 songs in 50 minutes to about 500 people in all.  For those of you that love hassle- they were next to a generator and outsang it, they didn't get lost and they stopped the street with their brilliant singing!

For those of you that love music- they wooed with ballads, got everyone fired up with anthems and introduced Christmas with a huge kerbang with 4 or 5 Christmas songs.  They were great- anyone that saw and heard them only got a little taste of what they are like on Thursday and Friday when they sing with us though.  Just brilliant! 

Thanks to the parents who helped and supported us, and thank you to Collectively Camberley who invited us to the light turn on!  

This Friday I will be at Crookham Junior School singing with 50 of their finest!  I cannot wait!