Shuffle Tunes

What is Shuffle Tunes?

Welcome to Shuffletunes! We are a choir who choose what we sing!

Shuffletunes is a different kind of choir. You don't have to consider yourself good at singing to join us. You might just want to try developing your singing voice in a safe, fun environment. What the choir sings is up to its members. This of course means that it has its own flavour! Shuffletunes aims to be a live, fun, rewarding and fulfilling choir, for its members and its audiences.

Come and sing with us!

Shuffletunes is a no audition choir- you just need to want to sing to join. We are a social and positive choir that want to do something good for ourselves and the local community. You don't need to be able to read music or want to sing solo with us. You can find details about us and LOCATIONS for joining in the 'Contact us' section above.

Latest News


We are actually here!

Sorry that I haven't been around.  Check out our Facebook page for a huge list of events that we have sung at.  This Christmas we raised about £3000 for charity, sung in lots of amazing places, sang at a wedding, sang in a mansion, sang in a memorial service, in a very Christmassy pub.  Oh yeah.  And now we've been asked to be a featured MainStage choir at the Roundhouse in July thanks to Voices Now.  And we are singing with the Opera Boys in February.  And we are singing for Phylis Tuckwell in April.  And there's a martial arts competition in February as well...

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