Shuffle Tunes

Who are we?

Shuffletunes is a choir that has one goal- to give anyone that hears us or sings with us such a sense of happiness that it makes their lives better. Value added. We offer an alternative- a chance to escape the day-to-day and routine of life.  We use song and singing as a medium for sharing joy and contentment, hope and happiness. It is massively important to us that we share our music and it is essential to us that we stand together.

Shuffletunes is much much more than a choir. It is a groups of friends. It is a support network. It is a retreat. It is an excuse to show off. It is a learning platform. It is a confidence boost. It is a courage developer. It is philanthropic and it is generous. It is kind and it is helpful. It is enthusiastic and it is focussed on improving lives through singing. It is a music teacher. It is a thought provoker. It is loads of voices singing as one.

We are committed to supporting new singers and building up anyone that wants to sing. Please feel free to get in touch and see what we can do for you- check out our Facebook page for more insight into what we do, and please push those buttons and email us using the form on our webpage to take your first step in singing with us.