Shuffle Tunes

Terms & Conditions

Members of Shuffletunes choirs need to want to sing as a part of a group and create a positive experience for everyone in the choir and its audiences. They need to be fair in the way that they treat each other and respect each other.

The choir is supported by its members, both financially and logistically. As well as making payments for sessions on time and through the methods outlined in the invoicing that each member will receive, the choir will only be sustained through consistent effort and dedication to one goal- singing together with high expectations of quality and attitude.

David reserves the right to cancel rehearsals with fair warning and/or reason, and organise and run events, promotions, concerts, performances and demonstrations of the choir in consultation with the choir. It is expected that performances that raise capital will have a proportion of the takings donated to a charity that supports local needs.

And finally the difficult part. If a choir member behaves in a way that affects other choir members negatively or brings Shuffletunes choirs into disrepute or treats them in a defamatory way, then David will try to resolve any issues and move the choir on, even if that means that the choir member is asked to leave.

David promises to treat the members with respect and courtesy and aims to give them a good quality singing experience.

Shuffletunes reserves the right to review and change its terms and conditions and any changes will be shared with the choir if they are to be affected by any of its intentions.

Images and recordings

Because of the nature of our activity, it is common that images and recordings (video and audio) may be made by us or by audience members.  We expect members and administrators of the business to treat these with respect and with care.  Where images or recordings are used, the members give Shuffletunes permission to use these online.  If these images are of children that we work with, we will not publish them with the childrens' names attached or tagged in comments or in captions.  If you do not wish your image or your child's image to be used, please contact us directly and we will take steps to observe your needs to the best of our reasonable ability.


Shuffletunes costs £22/23 a month, but your first session is always free. Payments need to be made monthly by Bacs or in cash, following a request from us by email. You'll have ten days to pay each month.

Youth choir payments are termly or monthly and vary depending on the number of weeks coming up.

The only cost to you extra to membership is a folder- £2 or a shirt £12/12.50 

Now enough of this- let's get singing!